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Boca Raton Country Club

The restful ambiance in this Boca Raton home is communicated through our use of a monochromatic color palette, light-enhancing design solutions, upholstery, and rugs.


The primary bedroom showcases sophistication and comfort. A large-format rug hugs the bed, nightstands, and an integrated seating area, creating a plush tactile experience for our clients. Ceiling details provide a lighting design solution that suffuses the room in soft light.


In the living room, a fireplace with book-matched stone is complemented by the monochromatic color palette and dark accents.


The dining room features a wall of mirrored panels that creates the illusion of more space; and the chandelier, a perfect design solution when a jbox is not centered, provides a sense of movement. Wall screens offer a sense of privacy and delineate the dining room from the home’s entrance, which is located immediately across the hall.

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