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Latin America Condominium

It was a pleasure to renovate this 4-bedroom/5-bathroom full floor plate home for a repeat client. They tasked us with incorporating their own art collection and creating a more open floor plan between the living room and family room. Our solution? We replaced one wall with a stunning room divider (made with blocks of plaster-resin) that also serves as a textural focal point. The result is an open concept that is imbued with space and light yet an air of privacy.


Our designers then set about creating visual focal points with the clients’ own artwork and newly acquired pieces. Because the views are exceptional, we knew our design needed to complement them, not compete with them, so we chose neutral fabrics and furnishings with bursts of color in the artwork and accessories. The blues and purples echo the ever-changing landscape viewed from the floor-to-ceiling windows.


It was also important to our team and clients that we utilize local talent wherever possible, so we worked diligently to find the best local craftspeople to help us execute this design to the highest standards.

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